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Cal (slaked lime) or, calcium hydroxide is used to processing corn for use in tortillas, tamales and pozole. We only sell food-grade calcium hydroxide.  The Aztecs discovered that by soaking their dried corn in wood ash, the corn became easier to grind and also more digestible, thus, more nutritious. The same process is used today to "slake corn". This processed corn is called Nixtamal. It is later ground into fine or coarse meal for tortillas or tamales or used whole for making Posole.

Caution: Building grade calcium hydroxide should not be used for cooking due the impurities left in the product.

Packaging: Our "cal" comes in a 2 lb or 4 lb zip bag or a bulk 50 lb bag.

The Many Uses For Cal

In addition to using cal to slake corn, it can also be used for pickling.  In Mexico cal is used to prepping fruits that will be preserved in heavy syrup. Soaking the fruil in cal keeps them from disinigrating while they cook.  Additionally, cal can be used to cure the outter surface of clay cooking tools like the clay comal, or cazuelas and Mexican Bean Pots.  It is even used for on metal surfaces to prevent sticking.

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