Tri Color Pasta Salad With Prosciutto and Feta

pasta salad with prosciutto and peppers
This pasta salad can be served warm or chilled.  Ingredients include red and orange bell peppers, tri-color rotini,  green onion, feta cheese and prosciutto.
Recipe By: The Sleuth
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  • Serves6 servings



Cook the pasta according to the package instructions, don't overcook.

While the pasta is cooking add the olive oil to a small pan, add the garlic and cook until it just starts to turn golden.  Don't overcook the garlic or it will get bitter.  Remove from heat.

Once pasta is done cooking, drain. 

Assemble all ingredients in a large pasta bowl and toss well with garlic olive oil to coat.  This can be served warrm immediately or you can chill the dish and server later.  This is a great make-ahead dish and perfect for picnics. 
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