Traditional Cheese Raclette

A simple recipe for a basic and traditional raclette.
Recipe By: Adapted from recipe by Tori Ritchie
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  • ServesMakes about 6 servings



Wash the potatoes, and boil them in their skins. Allow them to drip, then place them in a basket, covered with a cloth to keep them as hot as possible.

Put a cheese slice on a raclette tray and melt it under the special grill, then pour it over a potato. This is a dish made at table; the guests take one potato and one slice of melted cheese at a time, so that they are always eating a dish which is piping hot

Traditional Raclette Machine

If you have a traditional raclette machine (with heat coils) prepare as directed by the manufacture.  Heat the cheese and scrape onto warmed plates. Serve with accompaniments.

Raclette Grill
If you have raclette grill slice the cheese and place on the warmer trays.  Heat according to manufacturer's instructions. Serve with accompaniments.

No Special Equipment?
Not a problem. Slice a 4oz portion of cheese for each serving.  Remove the rind from the cheese and place on an ovenproof plate.  Place plates in a preheated 450degree oven until melted and almost liquid.  Serve with accompaniments.

Additional Notes

Assorted pickled garnishes: cornishons, pickled onions, caper berries
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