Thai Fish Cakes

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Recipe for Thai Fish Cakes from the Thai Garden Restaurant, Fair Oaks, CA. Recipe includes boneless white fish, red curry, kaffir lime leaves, green beans
Recipe By: Thai Garden Restaurant, Fair Oaks, CA (916) 966-0660
  • Prep15 min |
  • Total30 min |
  • ServesN/A



Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl. Place cooking oil in a pan or wok and heat to a medium-low heat temperature.

Take a portion of the ground fish-mixture into your hand and form into a ball approximately 2 inches in diameter. A helpful hint would be to keep your hands wet so the mixture doesn't stick to your hands and so the the mixture forms correctly.

Flatten the ball to from circular disks of about 3/4 inch in thickness.

Fry the disks in the oil until golden brown in color. Take the fish out of the oil when done.

Place the fish cakes on a paper towel to absorb the excess oil.
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