Swiss Cream Cheese

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Recipe for a Swiss style homemade cream cheese

Recipe By: Glengarry Cheesemaking & Dairy Supply
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  • ServesMakes 20% by volume


  • Room temperature:
    • 2 -3 litres skim or whole milk (goat or cow), full cream or raw milk (2 - 3.25 quarts)
    • 200 ml mesophilic culture (10% by volume) or 1/4 tsp mesophilic powder culture for 2 litres or 1/2 tsp for 3 litres, or 1/4 tsp mesophilic pellets (Hensen R703)
    • 2-3 drops of liquid Rennet


In a clean pot, pasteurize milk at 62 C or 145 F and hold for 20 minutes, if using raw milk

Cool milk down to 20-24 C in a cool water bath

Add 200 ml mesophilic culture (10% by volume) or ¼ tsp mesophilic powder culture for 2 litres or ½ tsp for 3 litres, or ¼ tsp mesophilic pellets (Hensen R703). Mix well into the milk.

Add 2-3 drops of liquid rennet and stir well.

Cover the pot and allow the milk to set at room temperature until a firm curd forms. It will take 14-16 hrs.

Once a firm curd has formed and one can see some clear whey on the top of the curd, pour the entire curd into a cheesecloth draining bag and let drip for 8-12 hrs until bag feels slightly damp.

Remove the cream cheese from the bag and store in a clean container, salt and herb to taste. You can use fresh or dry herbs. Product will keep for 2 weeks in the refrigerator.

Additional Notes

: 2 or 3 litres, skim or whole milk, full cream or raw milk, from cow or goat
: 20% by volume. From 3 litres of whole milk, you would get 600 grams of cheese. (approximate 1 1/3 pounds). The yield goes down as the fat content of the milk drops.
: 20-24 degrees C. (68 - 75 degrees F.)
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