Spicy Pimento Pesto Pepperoni Pizza

spicy pimento pizza
Spicy Pimento Pesto Pepperoni Pizza is a super pizza featuring a Samuel Adams Lager infused dough and a topping kicked up with Sriracha sauce, pimentos and pepperoni.   Nothing beats homemade pizza.  You can vary the toppings if for some reason you don't like pepperoni.
Recipe By: Mark Bello www.pizzaschool.com
  • Prep20 min |
  • Total35 min |
  • Serves 4



Preheat oven to 500F

In a blender, blend pimentos, garlic, Sriracha hot sauce, pine nuts, olive oil and 1 Tablespoon of the grating cheese into a slightly chunky paste. Transfer into a separate bowl, mix in mozzarella and set aside.

Stretch dough to desired diameter (12” thicker, 14” thinner), and lay on a lightly oiled cookie sheet, pizza pan or screen. (Get dough recipe here)

Apply an even layer of pimento/mozzarella mixture to about 1/2” from the border of crust.

Evenly distribute pepperoni slices.

Evenly sprinkle second half of the grated cheese to the very border of the crust.

Bake for 10-15 minutes until your toppings are bubbling and the crust is golden brown.

Remove from oven, let rest a few minutes. Then cut, serve and enjoy.

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