Spanish Chufa (Tiger Nut) Horchata

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Chufa (Cyperus esculentus) a nutty tasting dried tuber grown predominantly in Spain. Chufas originated from the Nile River Delta in Egypt and were later taken to Spain by the Phoenicians. The tiger nuts are used to make this classic drink.
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  • ServesMakes 1 liter


    • 250 grams (9 ounce) tiger nuts
    • 1 liter water
    • Sugar (optional)
    • Cinnamon


Soak the tiger nuts in water for 24 hours.

Drain and grind nuts until smooth. Add 1 liter water and allow to sit for about 30 minutes.

Press the nuts through a sieve and retain the liquid.

Add sugar (optional) and sprinkle with cinnamon.
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