Roquefort Fondue

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These are the classic fondue ingredients.  Recipe from Marian Tracy, 1970.  This is a very simple and fast recipe
Recipe By: Marian Tracy, 1970
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  • ServesAbout 4 servings


  • Dippers:
    • Steamed green beans
    • Belgium endive leaves
    • 1 each Thin strips of celeriac
    • Cherry tomatoes
    • Apple slices
    • Pear slices
    • Canned pineapple spears


Put all ingredients in an earthenware or enameled fondue pot and stir to blend.  Warm over low heat and served with whole steamed green beans, Belgium endive leaves, thin strips of celeriac, cherry tomatoes, fresh apple slices, fresh pear slices or canned pineapple spears
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