Pineapple Tiramisu

pineapple tiramisu

This is a beautiful recipe for a Pineapple Tiramisu.  The dessert is created with layers of pound cake and a layer of a pineapple infused cream cheese and mascarpone cheese whip.  The tiramisu is then it is garnished with a fruit relish and fruit purees.

The tiramisu's must be refrigerated for 2 hours before plating and garnishing. Total time includes this chill time.

Recipe By: Executive Chef Craig Erikson of Sea House Restaurant, Maui.
  • Prep2hr 30min |
  • Total2hr 35min |
  • Serves12 Tiramisu



Whip the cheeses together until light in a mixer with a whip.

Meanwhile reduce the pineapple juice and chill it until the mixture is ready.

Add the whipping cream to the cheese and whip until light and smooth, be sure to scrape the sides periodically. Once the mixture is light add the juice and the pineapple and mix in on low so you do not crush the fruit.

Using a ring mold cut the size of cake that you want. The cake should be 2” thick so you can split the piece into two layers that you need. Cut the rings in 2 and place one in the bottom of the ring mold and pour juice to soak the cake.

Place a layer of the cheese and fruit mix in the mold about 1” thick place the next piece of cake on top of the mixture ad push down to compress soak the next piece of cake and top with a last layer of the cheese mixture.

Smooth the top and place in the refrigerator for 2 hours to let the cheese set up and the flavors sink in.

Place the sugar and the water in a sauce pan and allow to boil until it begins to caramelize. In a blender start with the guava and add 1/3 of the sugar mixture and blend on high until smooth. Strain out the seeds and reserve. Place the mango in the blender and process with 1/3 of the sugar until smooth, reserve. Add the raspberries to the blender and add the remaining 1/3 of the syrup and process, strain and reserve.

Place all of the ingredients in a bowl and toss to incorporate completely. Set aside for service.

To assemble place the tiramisu in the ring mold on the plate where you want it. Pulling up on the ring and pressing down on the top of the tiramisu remove the ring mold. Place 3 large spots of the mango puree on the plate, place a smaller spot of the guava puree in the center of the mango and a smaller spot of the raspberry in the center of the guava. Using a toothpick draw it through the sauces to make a small heart design. Place a small pile of the fruit relish at the base of the tiramisu. Top with extra pineapple leaves and toasted coconut.

These can be made ahead and held frozen in the ring molds very well. You can use just straight cream cheese with whipping cream if you can not find Mascarpone.

Frozen fruit works very well for fruit purees.

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