Neufchatel Cheese

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Neufchatel originated in Normandy France. It is a very soft, spreadable cheese similar to cream cheese. It differs from true cream cheese because it is made from whole milk and not cream. Neufchatel can be molded into many shapes and is traditionally molded in a heart shape. However, in North America it is more commonly found in a brick form. This cheese tastes great on a toasted bagel.
Recipe By: The Cheese Wizzard
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    • 1/2 Gallon Fresh Milk
    • 2 oz Mesophilic Starter Culture
    • 1/4 tab Rennet
  • Supplies:
    • Cheese cloth


Mix 1/2 gallon fresh whole milk with 2 oz of mesophilic starter.

Mix 1/4 tab Rennet into two tablespoons of COOL water. Mix this into the milk thoroughly using a whisk and stirring for at least 5 minutes.

Cover and set aside to ripen for about 15-20 hours at room temp (70 F / 21 C).

The milk should be a firm curd within 24 hours, however the full 15-20 hours is needed to develop the correct flavor.

After 15-20 hours, gently ladle the curds into a colander lined with a FINE cheese cloth.

Allow the curds to drain for awhile then tie the four corners of the cloth together. Hang it to drain 8-12 hours.

After the curds have drained, place the curds into a small bowl.

Mix by hand until pasty.

Add salt, herbs, etc. to taste.

Place the cheese into a sealable container into a refrigerator. The cheese will firm up a little once under refrigeration.
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