Make Buttermilk Quark


Quark is similar to sour cream.  You can make your own using purchased buttermilk.

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  • Serves2 quarts


    • 2 quarts fresh buttermilk


Pour buttermilk into an oven-safe container with lid. Let sit in oven overnight (at least 8 hours), at 150 degrees.


Line a colander with a clean cloth, pour quark in colander, let drain in fridge. If it drains too slowly, can fold cloth over the top, and set a sealed Tupperware bowl filled with water on top.


To use, can mix in a little milk until smooth. Wonderful with a little fructose, and pureed fruit.

What Is Quark?
Pronounced [qwark]
The word means "curd" and is commonly eaten by the German people. There are many varieties available in Germany but only a couple are found with any frequency in the United States.  By definition:

"It is a soft, unripened cheese with the texture and flavor of sour cream, Quark comes in two versions — low fat and nonfat. Though the calories are the same (35 per ounce), the texture of low fat Quark is richer than that of low fat sour cream. It has a milder flavor and richer texture than low fat yogurt. Quark can be used as a sour cream substitute to top baked potatoes, and as an ingredient in a variety of dishes including cheesecakes, dips, salads and sauces."

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