Libido Boosting Shake

libedo boosting shake

(Los Angeles) Tosca Reno, best-selling author of the “Eat-Clean Diet Series,” has a new book release called “Eat-Clean Diet For Men - An Ironclad Plan to a Leaner Physique!” co-written with Robert Kennedy who has been at the forefront of physical culture and bodybuilding for many years.

While many diet plans promise weight loss, the “Eat-Clean Diet For Men” focuses on the lifestyle of men – including their sex lives. Tosca’s latest book includes a whole chapter on male fertility and sexual performance. She even offers a Libido Boosting Shake recipe for two.

Recipe By: Tosca Reno Eat-Clean Diet For Men
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Blend all ingredients until smooth. If you need to add more liquid, then orange juice, coconut water or even ice cubes will do. Make it the way you like it. Pour into two glasses, garnish with a fresh, happy-looking strawberry and sip over candlelight. Oh yeah!

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