King Salmon baked in parchment paper

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The salmon is served with porcini mushroom butter and a mushroom salad.
Recipe By: Chefs Anne and David Gingrass
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  • Serves four


  • Mushroom Salad:
    • 1 lb Assorted wild mushrooms
    • 1 Tbl Minced shallot (about 1 shallot)
    • 1 Tbl Sweet butter
    • 2 Tbls Virgin olive oil
    • 1 tsp Fresh thyme leaves, chopped
    • 1 Tbl Fresh Italian parsley leaves, chopped
    • 1 tsp Fresh chervil leaves, chopped
    • 1 Tbl Sherry wine vinegar
    • 1/4 Fresh lemon, juice
  • Porcini Butter:
    • 1/4 oz Dried porcini mushrooms
    • 2 oz Sherry wine
    • 1/2 lb Sweet butter
    • 1 Tbl Minced shallot (about 1 shallot)
    • 1 tsp Fresh thyme leaves, chopped
    • 1 Tbl Fresh Italian parsley leaves, chopped
    • 1 tsp Fresh chervil leaves, chopped
    • 1 Tbl Sherry wine vinegar
  • Salmon:
    • 1-1/2 lbs Skinless, boneless salmon filet
    • 12 each Baby leeks, outer layer peeled off and root removed, cut about 4" long
    • 2 oz Dry vermouth
    • 4 oz Porccini butter


Porccini Butter
Rehydrate the dried mushrooms in the sherry for 20 minutes then drain and chop finely. Combine with the butter in a mixing bowl with the shallot, thyme, Italian parsley, chervil and Sherry wine vinegar. Mix using a paddle until all ingredients are uniformly incorporated. Roll into a 1-1/2" diameter cylinder in a sheet of baking paper and chill until ready to use. (May also be frozen). 

Mushroom Salad 
Remove the stems from the mushrooms and cut the larger mushrooms into smaller pieces. Heat a large saute pan over medium flame and add the butter and olive oil. When the butter is melted, add the shallots and saute for 2 minutes. Add the mushrooms and increase the heat to cook off the water that will be released. When the mushrooms become soft, remove from the heat and add the chopped herbs, vinegar and lemon juice. Toss well to mix and season to taste. Allow to cool and reserve.

Simmer the leeks for five minutes in a suitable pot of salted boiling water. Remove and cool. Prepare the salmon in parchment: Divide the salmon filet into four evenly sized portions (about 6 oz. each). Cut each portion through the center, but not quite all of the way, and fold the sides down exposing the end grain of the meat.

Fold four pieces of parchment paper in half and place three of the baby leeks across the center. Follow this with one of the salmon steaks then place two slices of the porccini butter over the top of the salmon steaks and splash on about 1 Tbl. Of vermouth. Fold the top of the parchment over the fish and seal the package by folding the sides repeatedly over.

When ready to serve, roast the salmon in parchment paper on a baking pan in a very hot (500 F.) oven for seven to ten minutes or until the bags thoroughly inflates and the paper becomes light brown.

While the salmon is cooking, spoon the mushroom salad into the center of four warm plates. Remove the salmon from the oven and open the bags. Transfer the salmon along with the leeks onto the mushrooms. (It is usually easy to open one end of the bag and slide the salmon out.) Top the roasted salmon with baby watercress tossed in olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper.
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