Jamaican Jerk Spice

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This spicy mixture for Jamaican Jerk Spice is a commonly used in Jamaica for seasoning pork or chicken. This rub is sometimes dry and sometimes more of a paste.  The mixture can be stored in the refrigerator for at least 3 months.
Recipe By: Original recipe from Fine Cooking
  • Prep15 min |
  • Total15 min |
  • Serves2 cups



Crush the whole cloves and the allspice in your mortar and pestle (we used the mortar to grind our pepper as well). Place the spices along with all the other ingredients in the bowl of your food processor.   Blend for a couple of minutes until the mixture forms a slightly coarse paste.

This paste will store 2 -3 months in your refrigerator.


jamaican jerk chiles
Scotch bonnet chiles

ginger root
fresh ginger root

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