How To Cold-Smoke Cheese

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Original article posted at WebFoodPros. Posted by Mike on June 28, 1998.  It describes a basic process for smoking your own cheese at home.
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    • 1 block or round of homemade cheese


Use a commercially available smoker, slightly modified, to cold-smoke cheese. 

Put a couple of wooden braces across the top of my top loading smoker, and put the grill bracket on top of that so the drip pan is a few inches above the top of the smoker.  You can just use the box the unit came in, placed upside down over the top of the grill bracket.

Smoke the cheese for about an hour and a half. One thing is important: let the cheese sit out in the open air for about twenty minutes before you wrap it- this lets it harden a little and it will tend to last longer in storage

Stove Top Smokers
If you really like the flavor of smoked cheeses you may want to invest in a small smoker.   The unit shown below is made by Cameron.

stove top smoker
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