Higaditos en Chipotle

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This recipe is for Higaditos en Chipotle (Chicken Livers in Chipotle Sauce).  The Chicken livers are prepared with charred tomatoes, garlic, onion and chipotle chiles en escabeche.
  • Prep20 min |
  • Total23 min |
  • Serves 4



Put the unpeeled tomatoes, garlic, and chilies into a blender jar and blend until almost smooth; there should be a little texture to the sauce. Set aside.

Trim the livers of any connective tissue and any greenish spots from the bile duct; cut each one into six parts. Heat the fat in a frying pan, add the liver pieces and onion, sprinkle lightly with salt, and fry, tossing them almost constantly - a stir-fry if you will- for about 3 minutes over high heat.

Add the blended ingredients and, still over high heat, cook for about 5 minutes or until the sauce has reduced and seasoned. Adjust seasoning.
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