Deep Fried Steaks


Deep Fried Steaks recipe.  Steaks (top sirloin are reasonably priced and work well) are seasoned with a purchased steak rub then prepared in a Turkey Deep-Fryer.  When fried at the proper temperature these steaks are not greasy and are exceptionally flavorful.  This is a gluten free version of fried steak. This recipe assumes you are feeding at least 6 people or more.  Otherwise you can use the instructions for using a Traditional Deep Fat Fryer Or Deep Pan.

Other Deep Fried Steaks

Another method for fried steak is the old "chicken fried steak" method.  In that method you actually coat the steak in batter, then deep fry it in in a deep pan or even a deep skillet.  This method does have added "breading" but the flavor can be very good.

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Turkey Fryer Method

Place each steak on the rack. Season each steak with the McCormick Montreal steak seasoning (or your own favorite dry seasoning blend) and place on rack.

Bring oil to 350° F, keeping a close watch on the temperature. It is important to maintain a 350° F while cooking. Place rack in the basket or directly into pot, (using basket is optional.)

Lower basket into 350°F grease or oil very slowly. Wear a cooking glove.

Traditional Deep Fat Fryer Or Deep Pan

You don't have to use a Turkey Deep Fryer for this recipe.  Just follow the guidelines above except you need to place 3 cups of oil in either a regular (not turkey) deep fat fryer. Then, follow the instructions above.

If you are using a deep pan rather than a fryer with a basket then turn the steaks carefully using tongs with insulated handles.

Cooking Time for 1 to 4 steaks

 Thickness  Medium Rare  Medium  Well Done
 1/2"  1 Minute  2 Minutes  3 Minutes
 3/4"  2 Minutes  3 Minutes  4 Minutes
 1"  3 Minutes  4 Minutes   5 Minutes
 1 1/4"  4 Minutes  5 Minutes   6 Minutes
 1 1/2"  5 Minutes  6 Minutes  7 Minutes

When cooking is complete Turn Cooker OFF and remove food slowly.

Additional Notes

The recipe orignally suggests Southern Secrets brand of steak seasoning but you can use any seasoning of your choice. We opted for McCormick's Montreal steak seasoning which contains: Coarse Salt, Spices (Including Black Pepper and Red Pepper), Garlic, Sunflower Oil, Natural Flavor, and Extractives of Paprika.
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