Dahl (Lentils) - India

These recipes are great for students cooking in their dorm. Rice cookers are safe and make great "one pot" meals. Recipe by Panasonic. Unless you are having friends over you may want to cut the recipe at least in half.
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Since high-quality rice cookers offer features like durable nonstick pans and direct heating that provides more even heat distribution of the rice, cooking rice becomes foolproof. With the help of a rice cooker, recreating restaurant favorites, such as sushi rolls, burritos, and wraps, is a snap.

For example, the addition of Mexican seasonings to the rice cooker will turn out flavorful rice perfect for stuffing a flour tortilla. Plain jasmine rice is terrific in a red pepper tortilla wrap filled with Thai curried vegetables. Wrap up your weekend demo with a demonstration led by a sushi chef. Each demo is an opportunity to discuss rice cooker features and benefits, such as multi menu settings for preparing everything from long-grain rice to sushi rice perfectly.

Additional Notes

In the rice cooker pan put
Set to COOK and cook for 3- 5 minutes, stirring frequently.
Cover and cook until unit switches to WARM/OFF.
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