Chocolate Mocha Hazelnut Icebox Cake

This rich chilly dessert is made with only 6 ingredients!  As pretty as it is tasty Chocolate Mocha Hazelnut Icebox Cake is perfect for summer patio dinning. 
Recipe By: Love N Bake
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  • Serves8 - 10



Whip the cream in the bowl of a mixer until it holds soft peaks. Scrape the bowl and add the powdered sugar, coffee and brandy. Whip another few seconds until the cream is coffee-colored and holds stiff peaks. 

To assemble the cake, working in batches of 10 chocolate wafers, spread one side of each cookie with a small amount of *Love’n Bake™ Hazelnut Praline. Spread one to 2 tablespoons of coffee-flavored whipped cream on top of the Hazelnut Praline. Stack the wafers into a small pile. Fill in any gaps between the wafers with more coffee cream. Repeat with the remaining wafers, Hazelnut Praline and coffee cream until there are 4 stacks. 

Lay the stacks of hazelnut and coffee-cream-filled cookies on their sides in parallel rows touching each other. Frost the “cake” generously with the remaining coffee cream, filling in all the gaps to make a neat rectangular cake. Refrigerate overnight. 

Garnish the cake with grated chocolate and chocolate covered coffee beans. Slice on the diagonal to serve.

*You can buy the hazelnut praline paste online at

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