Chocolate Espresso Soy Pot de Creme

chocolate espresso soy dreams pot de creme
This recipe for Chocolate Espresso Soy Dreams  is a pot de creme recipe which uses silken tofu instead of eggs or cream.  For best results use good quality tofu and chocolate.  No one will know they are have no dairy unless you tell them. These are vegan if you don't use the whipped cream to top them.
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  • TotalN/A |
  • Serves6 -8 depending on size of cup



Microwave chocolate in microwavable bowl on MEDIUM-HIGH (50%) for 1 to 3 minutes, stirring occasionally until melted and smooth.

Puree tofu in food processor; add melted chocolate and powdered sugar and instant espresso powder, process until completely blended, scraping sides down. Add vanilla; blend well.

Spoon mixture into Pots de Creme cups or small custard cups.

Chill 1 hour or until set. Garnish with whipped cream and shavings. Let stand at room temperature for 15 minutes, uncovered, before serving (to enhance the flavor).

Nutrition Information For Chocolate Espresso Soy Pot de Creme

1 Serving of the tofu Pots De Creme (without whipping creme) compared to one serving of a standard mouse.
  Pots de Creme (Tofu) Mousse
Calories 210 340
fat 13.5 grams 21.5 grams
saturated fat 7 grams 13 grams
cholesterol 0 162 mg
carbohydrate 26 grams 23
protein 4.5 grams 5.8 grams
sodium 0 102 mg
sugars 18 grams 32.5 grams
dietary fiber 3.75 grams 3.5d grams
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