Chocolate Cheese Mousse

chocolate cheese mousse
This recipe is for a chocolate mousse made from fresh yogurt cheese.
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    • 1 recipe Yogurt Cheese
    • 2-3 tablespoons cocoa powder (heaping)
    • 1-2 tablespoons granualted sugar (heaping)
    • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract


First make the Yogurt Cheese recipe. When you have completed that recipe then;

Combine the yogurt cheese with the cocoa, sugar and vanilla and mix well with a fork and let chill several hours before serving.

This is a very rich dessert and usually makes about two to three servings, depending on how much of chocoholic you are? Serious Chocoholics may add more Cocoa & Sugar, and for the truly brave add one teaspoon of Instant Coffee ( this intensifies the chocolate flavor.)

Substituting the Vanilla with a nice liquor such as Anisette, Amaretto or Creme de Menthe makes this an even more decadent dessert!
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