Chocolate Cheese Mousse

chocolate cheese mousse
Our recipe for Chocolate Cheese Mousse is made with fresh yogurt cheese, unsweetened cocoa, sugar and vanilla.  The prep time does not include time for making fresh yogurt cheese.
  • Prep15 min |
  • Total15 min |
  • Serves 2-3



First make the Yogurt Cheese recipe. When you have completed that recipe then;

Combine the yogurt cheese with the cocoa, sugar and vanilla and mix well with a fork and let chill several hours before serving.

This is a very rich dessert and usually makes about two to three servings, depending on how much of chocoholic you are? Serious Chocoholics may add more Cocoa & Sugar, and for the truly brave add one teaspoon of Instant Coffee ( this intensifies the chocolate flavor.)

Substituting the Vanilla with a nice liquor such as Anisette, Amaretto or Creme de Menthe makes this an even more decadent dessert!
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