Chipotle Sauce

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You can whip this tasty Chipotle Sauce together in minutes.  This is one of our favorite sauces for crab cakes but clearly you can use this smoky sauce in many different ways, top your BBQ salmon or use it as a sandwich spread.  This recipe features chipotles in adobo, mayonnaise, lime juice and jarred roasted red peppers.
Recipe By: George Mahaffey
  • Prep7 min |
  • Total7 min |
  • Serves 10



Prepare Chipotle Sauce

Chipotles can be pretty hot so take care when your'e chopping the chiles or your fingers will burn a little for next hour.

Simply mix all ingredients in bowl until they are well-combined.  You can use this right away, or cover and refrigerate until you're ready to use it.  The chipotle sauce will store nicely, refrigerated for at least a week.

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