Chile Chilaca Salsa


This recipe for Chile Chilaca Salsa is a fresh (salsa fresca) salsa which can be used with tortilla chips or use atop a taco or any dish that would benefit from a simple fresh salsa.  The only cooking required is the toasting of the chiles.

The chilaca chile is a long dark green chile that when dried is known as a pasilla negro, negro, or pasilla when dried. 

Tip: If you don't have Mexican Oregano and you are using Greek oregano; make sure to reduce the amount so you don't overwhelm the flavor of the chiles.

  • Prep25 min |
  • Total35 min |
  • Serves1 1/2 cups



Toast the fresh chiles on a comal or in a hot cast iron pan until they are brown all over.  Don't allow them to burn.  Once browned place them in a brown paper bag and roll it closed.  Allow the chiles to sit about 15 minutes in the bag.

Remove the chiles from the bag and remove the thin outer skin.  Tear the chile open lengthwise and remove the veins and seeds.

Place the roasted chiles along with the other ingredients in a blender until the sauce is fairy smooth.  It can be left a little chunky if you prefer.

Eat the salsa right away or allow it to sit, refrigerated until needed (within an hour or so).

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