Chilcostle Sauce

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This is Chef del Grande's chilcostle sauce he serves atop sauteed black seabass fillets. Use over any fish or even simple chicken.  The recipe features the hard (but not impossible) to find chilcosle chiles.  It also includes fish stock, hoya santa leaf, garlic, tomatoes, a fennel bulb, and tomatoes.  This is not a traditional dish but quite delicious.
Recipe By: Chef Robert del Grande
  • Prep10 min |
  • Total30 min |
  • ServesAbout 2 cups



Cut or tear the chilcosle chile into rough pieces.  You don't need to remove the veins.

Melt the butter in a saucepan over medium heat.

Add all ingredients (except for the hoja santa and cream) and sauté slowly over low heat, stirring frequently. Do not brown the ingredients but allow the tomatoes to stew. Cook until all of the liquid has evaporated.

Add 2 cups of fish stock. Add the hoja santa leaf. Simmer until the ingredients are soft, about 15 minutes.

Add the 1/2 cup heavy cream and simmer an additional 10 minutes.

Remove the hoja santa leaf. Allow the mixture to cool.

Once cooled,  purée the ingredients in a blender until smooth. Strain the sauce through a sieve to remove any solid bits.  Adjust salt and pepper.

When ready to serve, gently reheat the sauce. Do not allow the sauce to boil.
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