Cashew Nut Cookies

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Now that Stevia sweetener has been approved for food use in the U.S. there are may good recipes that use this alternative to sugar.  This recipe uses cocnut meal, cashew butter, vanilla and butterscotch flavoring, steiva, sunflower seeds and carob powder.
Recipe By: Sugar-Free - Naturally! by Jeffrey Goettemoeller
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Place coconut meal in a shallow bowl. Stir remaining ingredients together in mixing bowl in the order given. Chill briefly if mixture is too soft to form balls.
For each small cookie use 2 level teaspoons of cookie mixture. Roll in balls and coat with coconut meal. Flatten to a 1-1/2 inch disk. Place in a flat storage container and chill.

Omit butterscotch flavoring and increase vanilla extract to 1 teaspoon.

Add 2 tablespoons sesame seeds.
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