Ancho Chile and Cinnamon Truffles

ancho truffles
This recipe for Ancho Chile and Cinnamon Truffles  combines two of my favorite ingredients; chocolate and chiles. The recipe is the creation of the Union Square Grill.
Recipe By: Union Square Grill
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Combine ground ancho chile, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, heavy cream, and salt. Bring to a boil cover and steep for 2 hours.

Chop Valrhona dark bitter chocolate into one-inch pieces.

Bring spice-and-cream mixture back to a boil and add the chopped chocolate pieces. Mix until combined and smooth. If lumps remain, stir over a double boiler until smooth.

Pour mixture into a parchment-lined two-inch half pan. Refrigerate until set.

 With a small spoon, scoop out 50 equally sized ganache balls. Roll and smooth the balls with your hands.

Mix cocoa powder and ancho chile powder in a small bowl. Roll ganache balls in cocoa and chile mixture.
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