African Banana Beer

african banana beer
This recipe for African Banana Beer is based on a process for making Lubisi which is made from Jamaican bananas, mixed with sorghum flour and fermented. The resulting product is an orange colored, sweet, hazy beer.
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Peel ripe bananas by hand. Only use bananas ripe enough to be peeled by hand

Extract Juice
Use grass to knead the bananas until clear juice is extracted. The residue will remain in the grass.

Mix water
Mix 1:3 water: banana juice ratio.

Mix sorghum
Sorghum flour:banana juice ratio, 1:12. Stir the mixture well. Sorghum is added to improve the color and the flavor of the beer

Ferment in plastic containers covered by polyethylene bags. Allow to ferment 18 -24 hours.

Force the liquid through a cotton cloth bag either by hand or use a press.

Place in 1 liter size plastic bottles

Shelf Life
Several days, refrigerated

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