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If you like cooking for yourself and / or your family then I'm sure you have certain types of foods or cooking techniques you struggle with.  I know I do!  Being overly frustrated with the outcome of a recipe you've spent a lot of time working on may make you shy away from cooking and we don't want that!

So, what we've done here is created a selection of very good videos that tackle some of the issues that many cooks struggle with.  Some of those frustrations may be because you've simply not learned the proper (or easy way) to perform a basic technique like peeling, or chopping or using a meat thermometer.  One thing I learned about business and cooking is that our success is more about learning the basics well than about doing the "fancy stuff".  The fancy stuff will come in time as you gain experience. 

Come on in and look around and we hope your find some videos that help you become a better and more satisfied cook.

Basic Cooking How-To Videos

If you are like many of us you've learned how to cook by yourself through trial and error.  I speak from personal experience when I say people who teach themselves don't always learn the most efficient or easiest way to cook.  No matter what your skill level it never hurts to get a refresher course in the basics or find a new, faster, safer way to do something.

Peel And Chop

How To Measure


Roasting & Broiling

Videos To Help With Your Cooking Frustrations

Frustration #1 Making Pie Crust

Pie crust is my nemesis, my achilles heel, the continuing thorn in my side. It's such a nightmare for me that I really avoid making pies.  Well, I avoid them for other reasons too, like, if I make them, I'll eat them.  And given I'm one of those perpetual dieters (see my Nutrisystem Journey blog) ) well, you get it.  Now back to the frustration.

My pie crust always comes out too dry, or too sticky, or I don't roll it out thin enough, or it sticks to my work surface.  It's just always "something".   I selected this video because it really has helped me with my issue with pie crusts.  Hope it helps you too.

Frustration # 2 - Correct Placement Of Thermometer When Roasting Turkey

It was so interesting when I saw this video.  All these years I've been placing the thermometer in the turkey (or whole chicken for that matter) in the wrong place.  Fortunately I've lucked out and most of the time the bird was cooked to a (close to) proper temperature.  I never knew it went in from the direction like this video shows.  If this is one of your frustrations this should help you a lot.