Grams To Cups Conversions

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How To Use The Grams to Cups Accurate Ingredient Converter

  1. Type in the name of a food you'd like to convert. When the correct item appears, press [enter]
  2. Type in the quantity you'd like to convert such as 1, or 1/2, 3/4, etc. You can also use decimals such as 1.5.
  3. Select the "from" unit of measure, then the "to" unit of measure and click "GO". Your answer will appear in the green "results" bar.
  4. To begin a new conversion, click the red X next to the "GO" button.

Save A Food List

Latest Foods

You can save a list of foods you convert frequently.  As soon as you log in you'll see your list of saved ingredients.

  1. You will be required to log-in if you'd like to save your food list. If you are not a member, just click "Join" at the top of the page. There is no charge for membership.
  2. Items from My Food List can be used again for conversions simply by clicking on the item.
    A list of foods you've used for conversions will automatically save as your complete each conversion. If you are logged in this list will re-display the next time you use the conversion program; otherwise it will reset when you leave.
  3. Items from the Latest Foods list can be used again for conversions simply by clicking on the item and enter your amount information.


How Many Grams Are In?

  1. One cup of sugar =  200 grams
  2. One cup of flour = 120 grams
  3. One cup of butter =  227 grams
  4. One cup of dry rice = 185 grams
  5. One cup of powdered sugar = 120 grams
  6. One cup of chocolate chips = 240 grams
  7. One cup of almond flour = 112 grams


If you log in, your previous search items will be automatically saved for you, otherwise the search list will be cleared each time to revisit the page.
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