Upright Turning Slicer

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About The Upright Turning Slicer

This handy gadget is actually part of a family of Japanese vegetable slicers. This version makes spiral or ribbon shaped slices of any firm vegetable.

This is the same type of slicer but different model than Emeril uses when preparing a variety of "potato crusted" recipes.

How To Use The Benriner Upright Slicer

A vegetable such as a potato is speared onto the pronged end then wedged between the facing plate.  You turn the handle and you get perfect spiral slices of vegetable. You can use this tool with cucumber, zucchini, onions, carrots daikon, any firm vegetable, even a small cabbage.

I used this slicer to make raw zucchini pasta pesto.  I used the slicer to make long threads of zucchini , then tossed it with fresh pesto.  It looked great and had a clean fresh flavor.


Product Specifications

Sold as a set with a flat and a toothed blade. The body is heavy duty ABS and Nylon resin. Heat resistant up to 70 degrees Celsius. No assembly required. A good quality tool, made in Japan.

Toothed Blade
Produces curly strands.

Flat Blade
Slice whole cabbage, potatoes, Daikon paper thin slices

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