Tomatoes - From Field To Factory


About The Tour

We took this tour of the tomato processing plant and found it fascinating.  We started out by meeting the trucks at station where they are weighed and inspected.  Then the trucks move up to a ramp and the tomatoes are dumped into a huge waterway where they are gravity fed down into the factory.

You can watch the video and get a nice overview of the process that takes a tomato from the field and it ends up in a can in your pantry.

Di Napoli Tomato Company - Factory Tour

About DiNapoli Specialty Foods

DiNapoli tomatoes are grown and fresh packed in California.  The family originally migrated to the U.S. from Naples Italy; the same region that grows the San Marzano style tomatoes used to for DiNapoli tomato products.

With over 60 years experience in the tomato processing business the DiNapolis insure that each can of DiNapoli peeled tomatoes is true to its Italian heritage; deep red color, soft fragile texture and a sweet natural taste; the closest thing to hand picked San Marzanos our family raised in the countryside surrounding Naples.

The tomatoes are packed for restaurant use as well as for use in your  home.   If you are looking for an excellent quality, Made In U.S.A tomato then you should try DiNapoli.  See "buy" section.  Also, visit the DiNapoli Web Site for more information.


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