Strip Chocolate Board Game


The Game

Strip chocolate makes a game out of dessert. It is a deliciously satisfying way to get maximum enjoyment out of a small amount of chocolate. You will want to play it again and again. Nobody loses in Strip Chocolate. In this game "getting licked" is a good thing. For this reason the instructions do not refer to your partner as an opponent but as a game mate.
The game is designed for two players who wish to share an intimate encounter where the emphasis is on fun. It is best played on the floor, ideally on a quilt in front of a warm fire or by candlelight. Before beginning both players should agree that the game cannot end until at least one player has completely stripped."

How The Game Is Played

The game board is made up of a series of squares, "Strip", "Chocolate", "Dare", "Hug" and "Kiss". A player rolls the dice and advances their game piece the corresponding number of squares.

  • Strip - Remove a piece of clothing you are wearing (you choose what to remove).
  • Chocolate  - Draw a "chocolate" card. Each card shows a simple design and names a body part. Paint the design shown on your game mate on the body part named (or closest exposed area) using delicious Body frosting.

strip chocolate game cardThis is an example of one of the playing cards.




  • Dare  - When you land on a "dare" square on the game board you select a "dare" card. Draw a DARE card. Now the fun really begins! DARE cards will allow you to eat the artwork you have painted on your game mate. Example "dare" cards are "Snack" "Hugs", "Kisses" and "Favors", "Massage" (and more). "Snack" for example allows you to lick one "designs" off your partner.
  • End of Game  - The may end only when one player is completely naked. The final article of clothing must be removed with the player standing. The naked player can challenge the game mate to play an extended round

About The Company

Chocoholics Divine Deserts specialized in fun chocolate products.  In addition to the strip chocolate board game they produced chocolate dessert sauces, chocolate "shower bars" and a full line of fun "sensual" products.

The company no longer operates under that original name.


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