Spin 'n Stor Bag Review


About The Spin 'n Store Bags

If you are not fond of your old, perhaps clunky salad-spinner then you should consider the Spin 'n Store bags as a green alternative.  The Spin 'n Stor is a poly bag with a special baffle area that collects the water from damp greens.  The water can be poured off, the bag sealed and it becomes your storage bag as well.

spin 'n stor bags

spin-n-store washing and storage bag

Our Test

We happened to have some fresh-picked green leaf lettuce from our garden.  We gave the greens a good washing, shook them off a bit then placed them in the Spin 'n Stor.   We bunched up the neck of the bag and gave it a few good twirls.  We noticed that the bag released a little bit of water onto the kitchen floor but nothing catastrophic.  This may be an activity best for outside.  This could be a fun job for the children if they help out in the kitchen.

We found our first spin didn't quite dry the lettuce enough so we poured off the accumulated water and tried again.  After the 2nd round the lettuce was dry enough for salad making.  We had more lettuce than we needed for our salad so we tied the bag off with the provided twist-tie and popped it in the frig.  We checked the remaining lettuce after 3 days and it was still crisp.   


The manufacturer states that the bags can be reused.  They are pretty light-weight but as long as you weren't too over-zealous in your spinning they should hold up for at least 2-4 uses.


You can accomplish a similar result by wrapping your greens in a dish towel and spinning it around in the same fashion.  This is messy and you will get "overspray" so make sure to "spin" in an area not sensitive to water spillage (like your  patio). You will have to use your own plastic bag to store the greens.

Who Should Buy This?

We do like this product for camping because it gives us a rinse bag and a storage bag all in one.  You might like it too if you live in a small house and storage space for devices like salad spinners is at a premium.

How To Use Spin 'n Store Bags

 spinning the water from the spin n store bag

1. Spin bag to extract water from produce

drain water out of bag

2. Drain excess water

seal the bag

3.  Seal with provided tie and store

Where To Buy

Find at Amazon.com.  At the time of writing the price was $11.99 for 12 bags:  Argee "Spin 'n Stor" Reusable Salad Spinning Bags 12 pack

Manufacturer: ARGEE Corp 1-800-449-303


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