Spaghetti Scrubber Review

spaghetti scrubber
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The Spaghetti Scrubber is a new product developed in Japan introduced to the U.S. market by Roland. The quirky looking scrubber looks like a pile of pasta but packs some impressive cleaning power.
red spaghetti scrubber

spaghetti scrubber - flat with backing exposed

How They Are Made

The scrubbers look like a cloth version of sandpaper with a polyester fabric backing with a surface coating of natural gritty materials including peach pits and corn cob.

How To Use

Moisten the scrubber with water and scrub in a circular motion.  Apply a tiny amount of soap if you are cleaning greasy or oily surfaces.  The red (peach pit) scrubber should be used for dishes or non-stick pots and pans while the yellow (corn cob) scrubber should be used for cookware exteriors, sinks or other sturdy surfaces.  You can even use this scrubber to scrub peeling off of vegetables.

What We Learned

Our Many Uses

We've been using the scrubber for over a month now.  The issues I was concerned about was potential delamination of the grit from the backing and absorption of food odors.  I'm pleased to report that the scrubber did very well in both areas.  

The scrubber was designed to enable the user to clean dishes, pots and pans without soap or with less soap given soap (depending on the brand) can be very polluting.   While surfaces clean easily with the scrubber and warm or hot water we still preferred to use some soap with greasier surfaces.

We put the corn scrubber to a real test.  We used the scrubber to clean a dirty molcajete.  Even after 5 scrubbings we were amazed that the grit still did not delaminate from the backing -- pretty amazing.

Clean Vegetables

We used the finer grit scrubber to clean sweet potatoes before we baked them and this worked very well.


We think this is a very good product and certainly can replace steel wool pads and help you to cut back on soap.  You do need to make sure not to use the heavy grit scrubber on your non-stick surface pans because it will scratch the surface.

About The Company

Roland Products is located in Los Angeles, California.  The product is focusing on eco-freindly cleaning products which require the less or no soaps that add to the pollution of the planet.


Roland Products, Inc.
3400 West Olympic Blvd.
Los Angeles,  CA  90019

Where To Buy

These handy scrubbers can be found at Whole Foods markets and online at

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