Seasoned Skewers


Seasoned Skewer Features

  • 100% natural flavors from essential oils and herbal extracts 
  • Sodium and fat free 
  • Fast and easy 15 minute flavoring


Thai Coconut Lime

 A tropical blend of coconut, ginger, lemongrass, red pepper and kaffir lime.

Garlic Herb

 A full-bodied mix of garlic, basil, lemon and chives.

Citrus Rosemary 

A delicate blend of rosemary and garlic, sweetened with the essence of orange. 

Indian Mango Curry 

Sweet mango mingles with the exotic spice of cardamom and curry. 

Honey Bourbon 

The perfect marriage of two classic barbecue flavors. 

Mexican Fiesta 

A robust mix of smoked chili pepper, coriander, cumin and lime. 

How To Use

  • Skewer your food. 
  • Let your Seasoned Skewers infuse the food with flavor for 10 -15 minutes. 
  • Cook with the skewers in place-on a grill, in the oven, on the stove top, on an electric grill-wherever you like. Your food will continue to soak up flavor. 
  • Add salt and pepper, if desired. 
 seasoned skewer recipe
mango masala scallop skewers

More Use Tips

  • Presoak - For more potency and added flavor, soak Seasoned Skewers in liquid such as water, beer, wine or sake for 10 to 15 minutes before using.
  • Keep It Simple - If soaking more than one flavor of Seasoned Skewers, do not combine in the same soaking liquid.
  • Just 10 Minutes - Be sure to let your skewered food sit for at least 10 minutes before cooking.
  • Prep Your Grill - To prevent skewers from sticking to the grill, preheat the grill well and then lightly oil the outside of your food before cooking.
  • Flavor Without Salt - Seasoned Skewers are perfect for lean meats, poultry or vegetables and add big flavor without the salt for those on a low-sodium diet.
  • Foil Burning - If the tips of your skewers start to burn when grilling, just wrap the ends in a little foil.
  • Get Creative - Seasoned Skewers aren't just for grilling. Load them up with your favorite foods and then pan sear, bake, roast-cook any way you like!

Creative Variations

  • Use to skewer and flavor a baked potato
  • Flavor a turkey - use several skewers (inserted like porcupine quills)
  • Skewer a pear (Indian Mango Curry skewer), grill or roast and serve with vanilla ice cream.

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