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This tool allows you view a list of all Nutrisystem Lunch Meals along with its nutritional information including calories, fats, carbs, protein, sodium, fiber and sugar. Additionally you can sort the list by any of those nutrients to find the meals that fit your diet needs the best.

How To Use This Sortable Lunch Meal List

I created this tool so I could easily view a list of all the Nutrisystem foods in a specific category.  For instance on gym day I like to eat the highest protein foods I can for breakfast.  I simply sort the list by the protein column and select accordingly.  If I'm looking for the lowest carb option for lunch I sort by the Carb column.  It's that easy!

Nutrisystem Lunch Meals



* Means this meal is discontinued. We keep it on the list just in case you still have some in your pantry and just for historical reasons.

Type:  The container type for shelf stable items OR indicates if the food comes frozen.

Box: - These items come boxed and the food is inside a tray that can go in the microwave or the conventional over.

Bag: - These are usually items like bars or snack foods.

Box/Dry: - Dehydrated foods that must be reconstituted with water and heated in a microwave. These foods take an extra 5 - 10 minutes to re-hydrate after heating.

Pouch: - Shelf stable pouches that are opened partially or fully then placed in a microwave to heat.

Tub: - These are small cardboard lined tubs with pull tabs and plastic covers.

Frozen:  Meals that come frozen.


Nutrisystem Sortable Meal Lists

You can sort any of the meal lists tby any key nutrient category like, calories, fats, cabs, protein, sodium or fiber.  Looking for the lowest calorie meal, or maybe one with the highest fiber or maybe you want the lowest carb?  Find it fast with our sortable meal lists.

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