Nutrisystem Dinner Meals

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Why Nutrisystem Sortable Lists?

While navigating the Nutrisystem eating plan there were times when I wanted to keep my carbs (or calories) as low as possible.  I created this list so I could easily see which foods fit my needs the best.  Also I used it as a reference to help me decide which foods to add to my order.

Nutrisystem Dinner Meals


* Means this meal is discontinued. We keep it on the list just in case you still have some in your pantry and just for historical reasons.

Type:  The container type for shelf stable items OR indicates if the food comes frozen.

Box: - These items come boxed and the food is inside a tray that can go in the microwave or the conventional over.

Bag: - These are usually items like bars or snack foods.

Box/Dry: - Dehydrated foods that must be reconstituted with water and heated in a microwave. These foods take an extra 5 - 10 minutes to re-hydrate after heating.

Pouch: - Shelf stable pouches that are opened partially or fully then placed in a microwave to heat.

Tub: - These are small cardboard lined tubs with pull tabs and plastic covers.

Frozen:  Meals that come frozen.


Thinking About Starting Nutrisystem?

My Nutrisystem Journey started in 2016 and I've been writing about it ever since that time.  This is not a promotional blog, just my experience and my honest review.  I've been in no way compensated by Nutrisystem. You can read all about starting right here:  Nutrisystem Diet Day 1 Let The Journey Begin.

Nutrisystem Sortable Meal Lists

You can sort any of the meal lists tby any key nutrient category like, calories, fats, cabs, protein, sodium or fiber.  Looking for the lowest calorie meal, or maybe one with the highest fiber or maybe you want the lowest carb?  Find it fast with our sortable breakfast meal list.

Nutrisystem Breakfast Meals

Nutrisystem Lunch Meals

Nutrisystem Snacks


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