NUSCUP - Adjustable Measuring Cup and Scoop


Our Nuscup Review

We tend to be pretty skeptical of new gadgetry here in the Gourmetsleuth kitchen.  This stems from the lack of space we have to store these gadgets and a general philosophy that 'less is more".  But after a few minutes of using the scoop we could see that it had great potential.  Here's the scoop (ok, that pun was intended...)

nuscup measuring cup
nuscup - adjustable measuring cup/scoop image by: core77

We preferred using the Nuscup for dry ingredients.  We liked that we could preset the scoop to the desired volume, scoop and level.  It particularly made repetitive measuring very easy.  It was also convenient to be able to see the contents in the scoop to insure that there were no air gaps in the cup.  

Product Specifications

  • Measures both cups and tablespoons
  •  Measures dry and liquid ingredients
  •  Patented mechanism provides smooth, easy operation
  •  Slide rubber thumb-knob to various positions to measure
  •  Space-saving.  Replaces bulky measuring cups and spoons*
  •  One-hand adjustability
  •  Ergonomic handle and grip
  •  Virtually unbreakable and stain resistant
  •  Snap-apart design makes for easy cleaning. 
  •  Dishwasher safe on top rack
  •  Integrated magnet for convenient placement and easy easy access

    **Ok, its great but don't toss out all those measuring cups and spoons just yet...

    hgtv nuscup demo
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How To Use The Nuscup

closeup of nuscup measurements
  1. Select your desired measurement
  2. Scoop or fill with your dry or liquid ingredient
  3. Move lever back for "no spilling" while transferring your ingredients
  4. Snap apart to wash and clean or place on top rack of dish washer.
  5. Built-in magnet allows you to place on your utensil rack or frig for quick access.

Where To Buy

You can purchase the Nuscup at retail kitchen stores or purchase it online at Amazon:  Dalla Piazza NuScup Mini "Gem" Sapphire Measuring Scoop #D1065BL


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