Mexican Food And Cooking History


Pre-Columbian Cuisine

Mexican Cooking Tools

Learn more about traditional Mexican Cooking Tools including history, how to use, and recipes.

  • Molcajete - Molcajete made popular in the U.S. for guacamole. Learn about ancient grinding tool
  • Metate y Mano - A corn grinding tool that dates back to the Aztecs used for grinding corn, chiles and chocolate
  • Molinillo - Invented by the Spaniards the molinillo is the original chocolate stirrer
  • Mexican Clay Cooking Pots - See common cooking utensils, how to use and season.
  • Tortilla Press - How to select, buy and care for a tortilla press including wood, cast iron, how to buy and us.

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Common Mexican Foods And Dishes

Each article features a history of the dish, featured recipe, basic ingredients and various uses.

  • Ceviche - Ceviche is a chilled fish stew "cooked" in lime juice. This article includes a history of the dish and a selection of ceviche recipes.
  • Chilaquiles - All about this thrifty use for stale tortillas.
  • Chicle - Learn about the origins of chicle gum
  • Enchiladas - Enchilada History and recipes
  • Flan - History, recipes, tips, proper cookware
  • Pozole - How to make fresh pozole (hominy) from dried corn
  • Quesadillas - History of the quesadilla, where they come from, recipes.
  • Salsa - History, recipes
  • Tacos- Learn all about Mexican tacos including taco history, 7 traditional taco styles and basic ingredients.
  • Tamales - Learn all about tamales, history, types, recipes.

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