Kitchen Conversions Calculator


Calculator Features

  • Recipe Scaling Keys
  • Instantly adjusts each recipe ingredient to its correct new quantity.
  • Scales Servings and Portion Sizes
  • Adjust a recipe's number of servings or portions, or both servings and portions simultaneously.
  • Scales Up or Down
  • You can scale a recipe up or down (from smaller to larger servings or portions and vice versa).
  • Volume Conversions
  • Converts teaspoons, tablespoons, fluid ounces, cups, pints, quarts, gallons, milliliters, centiliters and liters. Even dash and pinch!
  • Weight Conversions
  • Converts dry ounces, pounds, grams and kilograms.
  • Has a Built-In Digital Timer That:
  • Counts up or down.
  • Displays hours: minutes: seconds.
  • Has an audible alarm.
  • Can be used simultaneously, while operating the calculator.
  • Cooking Unit Math
  • For quick calculations such as multiplying tsp, cups, etc. Calculator displays results in the proper measuring unit, directly in fractions or decimals.
The calculator is also easy and straightforward to use. Plus, it can be used as a standard calculator for your everyday math needs.

More Uses For Your Conversion Calculator

  • Household cleaning fluids
  • Paint, thinners & solvents
  • Pool chemicals
  • Automotive Fluids
  • Wine Making/Beer Brewing

Technical Specifications

White and gray

Counter top model: 6.46" x 5.94" x 0.74" (164.08 mm x 150.88mm x 18.8 mm)

Hand held model: 2.9" X 4.9" X 0.4" (74 mm X 10 mm)

Product Weight (product only with battery):
Counter top model: 6.56 oz. (185.97 g)
Hand held model: 0.2lb/3.2 oz (91 gm)

Counter top model: One CR-2032 (3V) lithium battery (included)
Hand held model: Two (LR43) Long-life batteries

Battery Life (Average Use of Calculator and Timer):
Counter top model: 1,975 hours

Auto Shut-off:
8-12 min.

Display Type:
LCD segment; 9 digits (7 normal, 2 fractions), with annunciator-legends

LCD Display Dimensions:
Counter top model: 0.975" x 4.25" (22 mm x 104.7 mm)
Hand held model: 0.625" x 2.25" (15.8 mm x 57 mm)

1-Year Limited Warranty

Hand-Held Or Counter Top Models

Our kitchen conversion calculator is available in both counter top and hand-held versions.  The counter model has a small footprint and is light, easy to move around but has a larger display for easy viewing.

The hand-held model is perfect when you are on the go and a must-have tool for any culinary student.

Where To Buy

You can purchase the kitchen calculator in some specialty kitchen stores or buy online links below.


Calculated Industries KitchenCalc 8305 PRO Master Chef Edition Recipe Conversion Calculator with Dual Digital Timer

Calculated Industries KitchenCalc 8300 Recipe Calculator with Digital Timer

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