Humble Market Kitchin

humble market kitchen


Address: 3700 Wailea Alanui Dr, Kihei, HI 96753
Hours: 6:30 am. to 11:00am. Dinner: 5:00pm to 11:00pm
Phone: (808) 879-4655

Roy Yamaguchi's Latest Maui Restaurant

In December 2016 Roy Yamaguchi has opened a new restaurant in Maui named Humble Market Kitchin.  The restaurant is in honor of his grandfather who immigrated to Hawaii from Japan.  The restaurant is located in the recently remodeled Marriott property, Wailea Beach Resort.

For those of you familiar with Roy's restaurants he used to have a large restaurant here in Kehei located by the Safeway store in the Piilani Village Shopping Center.  We loved that restaurant and that was our go-to aloha-night spot.  Sadly the economy took a nose-dive in 2008 and Roy's closed that location in 2009.


humble-market-kitchen-exterior2This is the view just to the right of the restaurant.

Humble Market Kitchin Interior

The restaurant is located to the back the lobby entryway overlooking the ocean.  The style of the restaurant is simple, open and contemporary.  There is a lounge seating area in the front of the restaurant and booths and tables as you walk through the restaurant.  There are also long communal tables as well.  The views are magnificent throughout the restaurant.

humble market kitchen interior

The Humble Market Kitchin Menu

The Humble Market Kitchin has a smaller menu than the one from the old Roy's in Kehei but every bit as interesting.  He does offer a smaller selection of items on his separate lounge menu but the staff says they will serve a full dinner in the lounge as well.

Meal offerings include lots of fresh local-caught seafood, local meats, small plates and entrees as well.  He offers a nice Keiki (childrens) menu too.

As you'd expect there is a full bar offering custom cocktails as well as wines and beer.

More Humble Market Kitchin Images

humble market kitchin side view   

A view of Humble Market Kitchin with the side windows open.

Humble Market Kitchin Menu

hunble market kichin lounge menu 

This is the lounge menu.  You can also order from the main menu (make sure to ask your waiter first).

humble market kitchin edamame 

Edamame appetizer

humble marke kitchin pork belly

This is the pork belly with crispy garlic and compressed jamaica.

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