How To Select A Cheesecake Pan

cheesecake pan with removable bottom

The Cheesecake Pan

A cheescake pan is a two-piece, aluminum or tin mold.  The mold may be (optional) lined with a crust then filled and baked.  Once baked, the cheesecake is cooled and released from the mold by pressing upwards on the bottom of the pan.  The cake is then transferred to a serving plate.

Springform Pan

The springform pan is frequently used for making cheesecakes.  While similar to the traditional cheesecake pan the springform actually releases from the sides as well as the bottom.  This helps keep delicate crusts and cakes intact while removing them from the pan.

Additionally many of the pans have non-stick surfaces which help to insure a smooth release from the pan.Springform pans come in round, square and even specialty oblong shapes. 

Pan Sizes And Materials


Cheesecake pans come in a variety of sizes from little individual pans to large commercial pans up to 14 inches in diameter.  The most useful size pan for a home cheesecake recipe would be an 8" or 10" pan.

Springform pans are made from tin, aluminum and even silicone.  Just like the cheesecake pan they can be found as small as 4.5 inches up to 12 inches.  Many of the newer pans are manufactured to be "leakproof" so you don't have to bother wrapping the bottom with foil as you may need to do with older pans.

  • Tin pans are prone to rust and are less desirable than other metals.
  • Aluminum pans are economical and won't rust. They can be put in the dishwasher but the heat and detergent will cause them to discolor.
  • Special non-stick pans make cleanup very easy.  Non-stick coatings can be scratched and may be a health concern.


Cheesecake Pan And Alternatives

 Cheesecake Pan
 Springform Pan
 Tart Pan
 Cake Pan
 cheesecake pan removable bottom
 springform-pan  tart pan  cake pan
The proper pan for cheesecake.  The pan is deep and has a removable bottom.
The springform pan is a close second for cheesecake and even preferred by some bakers.
The tart pan will function but much more shallow.  Your recipe and baking time will need to be adjusted.
The cake pan should be lined with parchment paper before add the batter. Removal from the pan may still be difficult.

Fun Fact about How To Select A Cheesecake Pan

Substitute For A Cheesecake Or Springform Pan

Cheesecake Pan or Springform Pan: You can use springform and cheesecake pans interchangeably depending on how delicate the cake may be. 

Tart Pan: You can also use a tart pan with a removable bottom although they tend to be more shallow and you may have some leftover batter.  You'll also need to adjust the baking time to compensate for the change in pan height.

Cake Pan:  You can line a cake pan with parchment paper but you may not be successful removing the cake from the pan intact.

Where To Buy

You can find cheesecake pans in department stores such as Target or Walmart or at specialty stores such as Williams-Sonoma or Sur la Table. Commercial quality pans can be found at restaurant supply stores.  An online source is Rakuten (formerly


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