Compare Meats For Fat And Cholesterol Content


Want To Cut Back On Fat And Cholesterol?

Many of us, maybe even most of us, try to make the best health choices we can. Perhaps you want to cut down all fat, or maybe just saturated fat, or certainly cholesterol or calories in general. You've probably read that chicken is lower in cholesterol than beef and pork is the "other white meat" but how much better is chicken compared to beef? We've prepared this handy chart for you to help you make the right choices based on your dietary goals.

Fat Calorie And Cholesterol Comparison Chart

Cut Portion Calories Total Fat Sat. Fat Protein Cholesterol

Top sirloin steak, lean only
4oz 207 7g 2g 35g 66 mg
Ground sirloin 90 - 92% lean
4oz 246 13g 5g 30g 96 mg
Ground chuck 80 - 85% lean
103 mg

Pork sirloin 4oz 219 8g 3g 35g 104 mg
Pork tenderloin, raw 4oz 136 4g 1g 23g 74 mg

Chicken breast, boneless, skinless 4oz 187 4g 1g 35g 96 mg
Ground turkey breast 4oz 120 1.5g 0g 28g 45mg
Ground turkey lean 4oz 150 7g 2.0g 22g 65mg

Tuna white albacore, canned 4oz
145 3g 1g 27g 48mg
Salmon steaks, wild 4oz 161 7g 1g 22g 62mg
Sources: All information is from U.S.D.A except the ground turkey. Ground turkey information from Foster Farms.


Look For Humanely Raised Animals

  • Buy organic whenever you can.  Organic meats are not fed GMO feed.
  • Try to buy pasture raised meats whenever possible.  Pasture raised animals are allowed to live a more humane life than stock yard animals.
  • Buy free-range poultry when possible.  Caged birds are grown in over-crowed, inhumane conditions.



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