El Salvador Black Clay Pottery



The main tourist attraction in the town of Guatajiagua, El Salvador is the beautiful dark clay pottery. This hand made pottery is naturally lead free. The pieces are beautiful for use or for decoration. We show many of the culinary pieces below.


The village of Guatajiagua is located about 180 km from San Salvador.  The village name translates to "valley where tobacco is cultivated".   Tobacco is not however their main source of income but in fact the black clay pottery that is bathed in the nacascolo (a dye made from tobacco).  The woman craft the pots while the men in the village gather the wood and fire the pottery.

The pots are low-fired which means unlike commercially fired pottery they are fired at much lower temperatures.

Objects For Serving

This is a simple drinking cup from Guatajiagua.  These are items that one would put to everyday use.

el salvador drinking cup 

A simple drinking cup from Guatajiagua.  The pieces made are items you would use everyday.

El Salvador Slotted Spoon

these beautiful spoons are used to as strainers, we like to use them for spooning beans from the bean pot.

el salvador slotted spoon

Clay Serving Bowls

When we sold these bowls we suggested they be used as either soup or salad bowls. They also worked well as simple decorative pieces.

el salvador clay serving bowls 

Cazuela With Lid

These beautiful cazuelas were great for simmering casseroles or making mole.clay pot with handles and lid

BBQ Fondue Pot

Fondue or BBQ, 2 piece unit with stand and long handle pot. BBQ unit is 5 1/2" wide x 5 3/4" high. Pot is 5- 6" in diameter and 1-2" deep. Capacity 3/4 to 2 cups. Hand made in El Salvador. This pot would be used for small or individual portions.

el salvador fondue bbq pot


Tea Pot

A beautifully shaped tea Pot 9 -10" high. Made in El Salvador. Hand made in El Salvador.  Use for heating water.

el salvador tea pot

Clay Comales

Comales are large clay "platters" used typically to heat tortillas. This comal is approximately 14 1/2 - 15" in diameter. They came in many sizes and could be used as plates or chargers as well as for heating tortillas.

el salvador comal

Coffee Pot

This is one of my personal favorite pieces.  A beautiful coffee pot with a gourd-shaped lid.

el salvador black clay coffee pot


Atole Jug

Atole is a thick beverage made with masa (corn flour) and served warm.  This beautiful jug has thick, braided handles.  Sadly the lid was damaged but it's still a gorgeous piece.

el salvador black clay atole jug


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