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About Homemade Dog Treats

Making dog treats at home can be fun for you and your children.  Because each pet may have special needs make sure to review each recipe to insure it is appropriate for your pet.  Remember these are treat recipes not "dog food" so they should not be used in excess.

Shapes And Cutters

Cookie cutters are available in countless shapes, sizes and themes.  Make treats dog treat dough on board with cuttersthat are suitable for the size of your pooch.  If you prefer to not buy cookie cutters you can use the open end of a juice can, a small glass or or a biscuit cutter if you have one.

The most readily available dog treat cutters are tin, like those shown here.  They are plentiful, inexpensive and comes in hundreds of shapes and sizes. Their main downside is that they are prone to rust.  Make sure to dry them well after each use and don't allow them to soak in water for long periods of time.

Copper is an excellent choice but quite a bit more expensive.  There are some plastic cutters available as well. They tend to be less expensive but less choice in shapes and sizes. A newer option includes silicone molds.  There are several molds on one silicone sheet.  These are great, easy to clean.  You just need to select a recipe with soft dough that will form well in mold.

Find cutters at pet stores, and online.  See sources on this page.


One of the benefits of making your own treats is that you can control the quality of what goes in the treats.  We suggest using the same quality products as you would if you were making food for yourself.  For example use natural peanut butter rather than products with a lot of added sugar.  Use organic flours and meals if they are available to you.

Controversial Ingredients

There are some ingredients in large amounts that can be deadly to your pet. Sometimes those ingredients may be called for in very small "flavoring" quantities.  If you see any of these ingredients in a recipe you'd like to use then you should consult with your veterinarian to see if the recipe is appropriate for your pet otherwise leave the ingredient out or select another recipe.  Here are some potentially harmful ingredients:
  • Garlic
  • Onions
  • Raisins

Dog Treat Recipes

 Recipe  Ingredients
Whole wheat flour, creamy peanut butter, vanilla, rolled oats, white lour, eggs, vegetable oil.
This recipe is flavored using beef (or other flavored) baby food. Also uses whole wheat flour dry powdered milk, vegetable oil and garlic powder.
Whole wheat flour, milk, eggs, onion or garlic powder, bacon fat or vegetable oil
Recipe for Banana Dog Treats includes oats, honey, milk, flour and bananas
A basic dog treat recipe that contains whole grain and all-purpose flour as well as cornmeal. The flavoring comes from chicken or beef broth.
These Beefy Dog Biscuit treats get a nice beefy flavor from the yeast extract and the bouillon powder.
This treat recipe uses oats, cornmeal, bouillon, paprika, brewers yeast, flour, parsley, egg and butter. 
Recipe for Carob Molasses dog treats which are naturally low in purine.
Nice healthy dog treat recipe uses rice and oat flour,fresh cheese, and dried herbs.
Milk, margarine, cornmeal, sugar, cheddar cheese, whole wheat flour, egg
Recipe for Cluck-A-Doodle Dog Treats with whole wheat flour, chicken livers, egg, corn meal and parsley.
Recipe includes whole wheat flour, powdered milk, meat drippings and eggs.
Whole wheat flour, dry milk, brown sugar, meat drippings, egg, brown sugar, garlic powder. *See Note About Garlic on recipe
Uses graham crumbs, flour, milk, baking powder and corn oil. Recipe copyright Bone Appetit by Suzan Anson
Whole wheat flour, dry milk, cornmeal, shortening, bouillon granules, quick-cooking oats, egg
All-purpose flour, whole wheat four, rye four, cornmeal, cracked wheat (bulgur), dry milk, yeast, chicken stock, milk and egg.
Oatmeal, meat juices or broth, grated cheese, margarine, powdered milk, cornmeal, whole wheat flour.
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Dog Treat Icing And Decorating

Homemade dog treats can be left plain or adorned.  If you want to keep the sugar content of your treats to a minimum then your icing options will be limited. While use of chocolate is not safe and should not be used you can use carob or even white chocolate which does not contain the harmful compounds or regular chocolate.

For more decorating tips refer to our page:  >> Dog Treat Decorating Tips.

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