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About Diana Kennedy

Diana Kennedy is considered by many to be "the" authority on Mexican cooking. Ms. Kennedy spent more than 45 years traveling through Mexico gathering history, recipes, as well as cooking tips and techniques.

Throughout the years she has dedicated much of her life to translating that information into a series of cookbooks that are authoritative and some of the best resources for information about Mexican cuisine.

Her Books

Kennedy's first book was The Cuisine's of Mexico written in 1972.  Her second book title The Tortilla Book debuted in 1975 back when "a good tortilla was hard to come by".  Regional Cooks of Mexico was printed in 1978 and (our favorite) The Art of Mexican Cooking was first released in 1989.  In 1998 Kennedy published My Mexico which idiana kennedy from my kitchens both a compendium of over 300 recipes as well as her memoir.

Ms. Kennedy's latest book released in September 2003  is From My Kitchen, Techniques and Ingredients. Another must-have for anyone truly interested in Mexican Foods, Cooking & History. The book has beautiful photos of ingredients, recipes, preparation techniques and the usual glossary. 

Vintage Books

 My Mexico Recipes From Regional Cooks Cuisines Of Mexico  The Tortilla Book
my mexico recipes from regional cooks
cuisines of mexico
the tortilla book

Where To Find

The Art of Mexican Cooking was reprinted again in 2008 and can be found on Amazon.com Barnes and Noble.

Abe Books -  This is an excellent source for out of print books.

GourmetSleuth.com - We carry an assort of Diana Kennedy vintage books as available.


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