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    Knowing When You're Offtrack

    How to lose sight of your weight loss and health goals - Stop tracking what you eat, stop exercising, stop tracking your progress, stop being accountable to others. Read on!

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Food And Wine Happenings

  • Gilley's Restaurant Downtown Closing

    Sep 18, 2018

    There is more change coming to downtown as we lose another old piece of Los Gatos, Gilley's Restaurant will close at the end of this month, September, 2018. Gilley's has been in that location for 26 years. It is a "real cafe", not glitzy or gourmet just good old fashioned diner serving breakfast and lunch. Gilley's you will be missed!

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  • From The Pot de Creme Museum

    Samson Meissen Style Pot de Creme

    The Samson Meissen Style Pot de Creme cups and the tray have the typical Samson mark. The design colors include red, pink, teal and gold. The cup finial and handle are very simple with gold trim. The set includes 6 cups with the matching tray.

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