molcajete smooth basalt pig  4 1/2 cup
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As featured on Rick Bayless Newsletter! Although not what we think of as the "traditional" pig molcajete y tejolote, Rick Bayless likes these "smooth stone" basalt pieces for their ease of maintenance and better depth. Our Mexican pig head molcajete is NOT made of concrete or conglomerate but solid basalt stone. The carvers use "power" tools to smooth the stone. Each piece is hand made so measurements are "average". Height 5.5", outside diameter 8", capacity about 3+ cups. Pestle 4.5" long. Includes escobeta, cleaning brush. Painting decoration color may vary.

Rick Bayless & Frontera News November 2008
A Molcajete Rick Can Believe In

"For many years Rick searched. He searched all over. In catalogs and on the web, through markets and stores around the country. Finally, he found a quality Molcajete - that great, dense stone mortar and pestle they use so often in Mexico. So, if you can't fit a molcajete in your luggage on the way back from Mexico, head to They sell traditional stone molcajetes and deliver them to your door. Make sure you follow the instructions to season appropriately before using."

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