mamoul molds set of 3
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A set of 3 maamoul molds.  Mamoul (maamoul) cookies are found everywhere in Lebanon and Syria. They are made with semolina flour, scented with rose or orange flower water and filled with walnuts, pistachios, or dates. This is the traditional mold used to form the cookie. The mold should be oiled before use and after every 3rd or 4th cookie. Dough is pressed into the mold, the mold is rapped on the counter to release the cookie. Cookies are baked to a light pale yellow and dusted with powdered sugar. Set includes 3 molds with distinct designs each used to produce a specific cookie (date, walnut, or pistachio) -- that way you know what the filling is without having to peek.

Solid wood, hand made so each piece is unique. each is about 9” long, 2” + wide.

The cookie portion varies per pattern but roughly 3 x 1 ½” on the pistachio, 1 ½” on the walnut and 1 1/4” on the date.
Please remember these molds are hand made and each piece is unique
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