flan pan set 3pc double boiler
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A 3 piece aluminum, flan set with double boiler specially designed to prepare flan. To use, sugar is caramelized directly on the bottom of the inner pan, over the cook-top. The outer pan is filled partially with water. Place the inner pan inside the pot. Prepare the flan mixture and add it to the flan pan, cover and steam until done about 45 minutes to one hour, depending on your recipe. Pan width is 20cm (about 8"). Capacity about 5 cups. Made in Brazil.  ** This item has been discontinued.


  • Pan that holds the water
  • The flan tube pan (holds the flan)
  • A lid

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    • 5.00 5
      I never made flan in my life; I find custards a little intimidating. My friend from Portugal uses one of these pans and her flan is amazing. I bought the pan and used the cream cheese flan recipe and it came out awesome! So impressive looking. I didn't have to mess around with a water bath or heat up my oven. This is definitely the way to go if you like flan.
    • 5.00 5
      Love it but need more and the few times i check it was out of stock. I have one and gave three as gifts, would love to order some more....